DEEP Moisturize & Anti-Aging Mask


Unlock a holistic beauty treatment for your skin from inside out

Regenerate and strengthen the skin’s protective barrier and reduce the signs of skin aging. Take care of effective skin regeneration and improve skin elasticity. Cleanse the skin to make it silky and soft after use

  • Moisturizes and nourishes tired skin
  • Eliminates fine wrinkles and soothes
  • Improves skin elasticity oils leaving skin silky smooth.

Homeopathic potencies feed the active substance into the deepest layers of the skin, stimulating the skin’s innate ability to regenerate. To give a radiant look and to reduce the signs of tiredness, deep and long-lasting moisturizing of the skin is ensured by bioactive composition of aloe, broadleaf plantain and echinaceae.

DEEP Moisturize & Anti-Aging Mask


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Deep moisturizing and anti-age facial mask with red clay, oils and homeopathic potencies – ALOE D1, ALOE D6, EQUISETUM D1, EQUISETUM D6, ECHINACEA D6, PLANTAGO D1, HAMAMELIS D6, stimulates the skin’s innate regenerative capacity.

Aloe has skin elasticity improving abilities. It stimulates collagen and elastin synthesis in the body, helps to visually reduce signs of aging and fine lines. Aloe vera, broadleaf plantain and witch hazel soothes and relaxes irritated skin, homeopathic active ingredients have healing properties.

Macadamia oil and castor oil nourish the skin and help restore the skin’s protective layer. Use the mask with INEX Anti Age or moisturize pearls, unlocking a holistic beauty treatment for your skin from inside out.

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