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A well-tested premium solution, anti-cellulite massage oil by Marence is a remedy that’s truly able to put an end to the commonplace issue.

Developed under the guidance of prominent skin care experts, the anti-cellulite massage oil is scientifically proven to stimulate the reduction of cellulite thereby visibly smoothening the skin and restoring a healthy, elastic appearance.

A synthesis of several unique ingredients, Marence anti-cellulite massage oil genuinely takes the cellulite reduction formula one step further.

  •         Features a unique formula
  •         Eliminates the “orange peel effect”
  •         Instant visual improvements

A result of a unique synthesis between freshwater green mud extract, Spilanthes Acmella Flower Extract and ADIPOSLIM™, Marence anti-cellulite massage oil is a working solution for the shrinking of the fat cells, providing a visible firming effect.

Anti-cellulite massage oil: usage

Simply apply on dry clean skin and massage gently over the affected area.

Apply on dry clean skin and massage gently.  

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