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Boosting blood circulation in skin cells, Freshwater green mud face mask from Marence is a unique home SPA treatment agent that delivers quick results and provides long-term protection for your skin.

With an emphasis on revitalising skin by oxygenating and intensively promoting the blood flow to skin cells, freshwater green mud mask is a truly ingenuine feat of premium bio cosmetics.

The unique features of Marence Freshwater Green Mud Face Mask:

  •         Inhibits the ageing process
  •         Reinvigorates skin, creates a smooth, radiant appearance
  •         Restores and maintains moisture balance
  •         Provides a supply of vitamins, amino acids and minerals
  •         Boosts cell regeneration by 10%
  •         Effectively fights acne
  •         Removes and heals impurities
100% green mud.

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