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Anti-Age Pearls


Pearls for skin’s health and help to prevent early aging. Herbal extracts and homeopathic potencies ensure efficiency of active ingredients on the skin from within.

Use the INEX Anti-Age pearls with DEEP Anti-Age cream to ensure holistic approach to your skincare ritual.

INEX Anti-Age Pearls – Dietary supplement. For skin’s health and help to prevent early aging. Aloe Vera ensures healthy skin and its epithelium. It helps to moisturize and reduce skin’s dryness, as well as maintains flawless and promotes its regeneration process.

Calendula helps to overcome stress that eliminates age-related changes. Black Elderberry is rich with antioxidants. Pearls are suggested to use in combination with Deep Anti-Age Cream to double the effect of  radiant, firm and more elastic look of your skin.

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