DEEP Moisturize Pearls


Holistic approach to your skincare ritual.

Pearls for skin’s health and balanced hydration. Herbal extracts and homeopathic potencies ensure efficiency of active ingredients on the skin from within.

INEX Moisturize Pearls – Nutritional supplement

  • For skin’s health and hydration
  • Naturally supports physiological action against skin’s aging
  • Helps to moisturize and reduce skin’s dryness
  • Promotes skin regeneration process.

The witch hazel supports physiological action against skin’s aging. Aloe Vera ensures healthy skin and its epithelium. Witch Hazel provides overall well-being of the skin and takes care of the protection from UV rays and oxidizing damage caused by free radicals. Calendula protects the skin against inflammation, helps the body to overcome stress, eliminates age-related changes.

Pearls are suggested to use in combination with Deep Moisturize Cream to double the effect of brighter, smoother and more radiant look of your skin.

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