Marence Fresh Water Mud — A Multipurpose Gift from Mother Nature

The freshwater mud used by Marence skincare cosmetics comes from the lakes of Latgale – Northern Europe, a region that’s historically rich in freshwater lakes. What sets these lakes apart from others, is the fact that they’re some of the oldest freshwater basins in the country. The high amount of sapropel mud is a result of Latgale being the first geographic region in the area to lose the ice overlay during the great retreat of the glaciers. The fertile environment paved the way for the formation of unique biological compounds. Freshwater Mud that Marence uses in the production of their skincare products is a product of this process.

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The sapropel mud used for Marence’s freshwater mud products contains a wide variety of biologically active substances, beneficial for the health, longevity, and appearance of the human skin. Rich in vitamin E and D as well as containing five vitamins from the vitamin B group, sapropel sludge used by Marence also carries a number of amino acids. As both humans and animals are not capable of producing amino acids themselves, it is crucial to have a skincare product that provides them on a regular basis.

The sapropel mud from the Northern European freshwater lakes also contains micro and macro elements that are necessary for the maintenance of normal metabolism as well as blood production and circulation.

The combination is made even more effective with the presence of natural antibiotics and biostimulators. While the first is effective in the prevention of microorganism development that might instigate various skin diseases, biostimulators have a positive effect on the immune system performance. Stabilizing cell membranes and significantly slowing down lipid oxidation, biostimulators found in the Marence’s freshwater mud, are tested means of keeping your skin protected and radiant.

kfreya Cosmetics

As a biologically active organic substance, sapropel mud has no artificial alternatives. A revitalizing force of nature, Marence’s freshwater mud is known to quickly assimilate with the human organism, delivering a boost of energy for quicker and more successful recovery of the skin. A beauty product that has been in production for literally thousands of years, thanks to Marence’s efforts, freshwater mud is finally available to the general public. Give your skin a premium treatment with a beauty product that has no alternative on any other store shelf.