Road To Own Womanly Essence

by Kristina Oseniece, owner K.Freya


...This is to understand the road to my own Womanly essence: who I am; what I am capable of giving this world, those around me and society; what fulfills me; to whom I am thankful; where a woman's happiness is to be found; what in my experience I can share; and what my goals, values, womanly tenderness, inner feelings, and emotions are.
When someone asks me, what is K.Freya - I have only one answer - it's the essence of Mother Nature, that is to lovingly provide this world the very best which has come from nature, and it's original source.
My growth, the desire to give and share with others the knowledge and experience handed down over many years, brought about the idea to create K.Freya. The willingness to share with others my understanding of nature and woman's essence is to be seen through her beauty. This beauty is felt both internally and externally.
During our lifetimes we play many roles. We have countless things to do and we face so many conflicting options: allowed/not allowed, to do/not to do, right/wrong, good/bad.
But where am I, myself in all this?
We carry such an enormous burden in this world, that at times we lose their own sense of BEING.
Sometimes you must have the courage to reject all your considerations and ask yourself only the most important questions - What do I want and how do I feel?
We are allowed to feel free in feelings, wishes, personal worth, choices, and way of life. There are no exact recipes or formulas for happiness. EVERYTHING is right here around us, in our most personal soul's truth and the presence of each moment and second of our lives:
The moment you meet your parents and utter your first scream,
The moment you say YES to a marriage proposal,
The moment your child is first laid on your chest,
The moment you first open the door to your home,
The moment you realize you have given yourself to everyone and everything, but at the same time, you are searching for the road to your personal peace.
Each of us is the creator, miracle worker and center around which EVERYTHING in the world is formed. And the most important concept is that we take knowledge and power from the primal source; nature, from our ancestors, and from the world's wisdom.
But this road is unmeasurably interesting. That is the endless job for oneself; the development of one's personality and the learning of one's essence through the world around you.
Of that I - Kristina - am convinced, in my life search for the answers to many questions. Even then when the skies above me have collapsed and turned into ashes.
But! But, within those ashes, there are still coals. Glowing coals that create light... a light that you can trust, a light to follow, a light by which to live.
And that is K.Freya: available, reliable, knowledgeable, always offering the best which nature can give with love. Each of our lives work and begin with processes proven through nature and that is reflected in brands available on KFreya.
Let us now be healthy, happy and filled with love; let's give and receive, and live from the depths of our hearts with the consciousness of your worth to be yourself.
Till we meet again...