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“I founded because I wanted to have one place where I can find only natural, ethically made products that actually work”

- Kristina Oseniece, Founder

Our story began when I moved to United States to help my daughter pursue her passion to dance. As she was growing up and maturing into a beautiful young woman she asked a very simple question. Why there are so many natural skincare products that don’t work?

This is how an idea about KFreya was born. We decided to create a place that would help pepole choose between best natural skincare and cosmetic products that are out there.

Our Brands

Vegan Fox – Vegan Skincare Products

The founders of Vegan Fox Skincare are passionate about two things: curelty free world and vegan lifestile. Vegan Fox skincare embodies both of these principles. We don’t use any animal products in our skincare and we support organizations that fight cruelty against animals or animal use in skincare product testing.

Marence – Northern European Freshwater Mud Skincare Products

Marence is the only skincare product made of freshwater mud in the world.

  • Clinically tested skincare product line made from fresh water mud extract that comes from Northern European Glacier Lakes.
  • Allergy free
  • Freshwater mud contains peloids (clay, mud, and peat) which have the highest compatibility with the human body and the ability to provide energy, substances and information on a cellular level.