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“I founded because I wanted to have one place where I can find only natural, ethically made products that actually work”

- Kristina Oseniece, Founder

Our story began when I moved to United States to help my daughter pursue her passion to dance. As she was growing up and maturing into a beautiful young woman she asked a very simple question. Why there are so many natural skincare products that don’t work?

This is how an idea about KFreya was born. We decided to create a place that would help pepole choose between best natural skincare and cosmetic products that are out there.

Our Brands

Vegan Fox – Vegan Skincare Products

The founders of Vegan Fox Skincare are passionate about two things: curelty free world and vegan lifestile. Vegan Fox skincare embodies both of these principles. We don’t use any animal products in our skincare and we support organizations that fight cruelty against animals or animal use in skincare product testing.

Marence – Northern European Freshwater Mud Skincare Products

Marence is the only skincare product made of freshwater mud in the world.

  • Clinically tested skincare product line made from fresh water mud extract that comes from Northern European Glacier Lakes.
  • Allergy free
  • Freshwater mud contains peloids (clay, mud, and peat) which have the highest compatibility with the human body and the ability to provide energy, substances and information on a cellular level.

INEX - Unique inside-out approach to your daily skin care ritual

IN-EX means internal and external with unique inside-out approach to your daily skin care ritual. Each cream has customed pearls that contain the same active ingredients found in the cream, ensuring a holistic and effective skin care from within and from the outside.

The active ingredient in INEX products is the homeopathic potency of plants and minerals that combines skin care with skin healing effect in one product. INEX products are designed as a skin care system: taking care of skin from outside and inside. Cream for external use + custom beauty pearls for internal use, providing a holistic skin care ritual.


DZĪVIE - plant and flower serum

DZIVIE plant and floral serums is a small, woman owned serumatory, based in the North of Europe. It is a bit of a well-kept secret, because it is very small and non-industrial, catering to an close customer range, mainly in Northern Europe. Each and every serum is fresh and exclusively hand-made matching every client’s particular needs and tastes. The serumatory cannot prepare huge amounts of serums, therefore it desires to stay the loyal customers’ little feminine secret and does not look for exposure. The woman, who runs the serumatory, is a forest nymph and the story behind her is truly inspiring. According to her, DZIVIE serums are designed for a woman who is honest with herself, follows her heart and strives to live her best, most-authentic life, enjoying all of its colours and tints. Nothing can stop her, because she is a free spirit, who is much stronger than the frames and expectations imposed on her by society. She is who she is. Pure. Such a woman does not surrender herself. The same can be said about these serums – fresh, real, unprocessed and alive, brimming with all of the goodness nature possesses. These nature’s elixirs contain raw, unprocessed ingredients, plant ethers, which are the soul of the plant, the prime energy of nature that interacts with us, communicates with us, and affects us both physically and spiritually. The ingredients are mostly cold-prepared, cold-pressed, unheated - to keep them ‘alive' and preserve everything that is valuable. These serums are not preservable for 2 years, but only for 2 months, making them the freshest and most natural food for the skin. In addition, our serums do not contain water, they consist only of active substances - oils, extracts and ethers. Instead of water, which usually makes up the largest % of the cream, oils or pure aloe vera juice is used. These serums cure various skin problems, as well as deeply moisturize, nourish, protect, rejuvenate and add glow. Yet most importantly – due to the plant ethers they interact with us spiritually.

After application of the serum, face cream is not necessary. The serum satisfies all of the skin’s needs and does not burden it unnecessarily.

Want to give it a try? We collect all of the orders during the week – from Monday to Sunday in order to prepare them all once a week - on Sunday at midnight. This way we ensure that you will get your serum always fresh in a week - prepared with love.