The oil contains birch and nettle extracts, ginger, grapefruit and palmose ethers.

Birch leaf extract Betula alba.

Birch leaves are rich in vitamins, strengthen the body and help reduce swelling. Extract has bakteric OF skin , antiinflammatory, painkilling, žultsdzenošas and metabolism stimulating properties. The extract contains essential oils with betulene, betulol and other compounds that promote the body's regeneration processes. Rich in vitamin C, glycosides and alkaloids.

The extract on the skin can reduce rashes, reduce joint pain. It stabilizes the hair roots and acts as a remedy for hair loss.

Nettle extract Urtica dioica.

Very valuable, rich in vitamins and minerals. Has anti-inflammatory, anti-allergic, antibacterial, healing, strengthening, stimulating, astringent, regenerating, tonic activity. Promotes metabolism. Urtica dioica contains more ascorbic acid than blackcurrants and more carotene than carrots. The antioxidants in nettle can protect the skin from premature aging.

An excellent plant for stimulating the top of the hair, because it contains substances that prevent unwanted changes in the hormone testosterone, which is the most common cause of hair loss.

Ginger Zingiber officinalis.

Promotes lymphatic drainage. Supports joint and muscle health, helps reduce joint, back, neck, knee pain and stiffness. Provides energy. Promotes blood circulation: warms cold hands and feet, revives dull, lifeless skin. It helps stimulate hair growth very well .

The aroma has a deep effect on the psyche, providing energy and strength. It creates feelings of courage and self-confidence, so it is called the " ether of strengthening ". Helps prevent feelings of powerlessness, fear and create an internal fire and strength , iej ūtoties leadership role in his own life.

Grapefruit Citrus paradisi.

Tones skin and tissues. Promotes circulation. Drainage - promotes water drainage. Lipolytic (degreasing) agent. Astringent, relaxing, relieves muscle pain. P alīdz release the body of toxins. Slows down hair loss, tones the scalp.

At a subtle level, grapefruit helps to calm the chatter "in the head", dissolves emotional energy, especially blocks frustration and self-blame. Promotes confidence as well as increases intuition and spiritual clarity.

Palmroze Cymbopogon martinii var. motia.

Promotes lymphatic drainage. Astringent, toning and rejuvenating for the skin. Helps reduce cellulite. Palmrosis is a gentle endocrine stimulant used to promote lymphatic drainage. Also used against hair loss.

Palmroze essential oil teaches us with enthusiasm to love ourselves, to be gentle, kind, faithful, and to create a place in the heart where love can grow. It has a feminine scent but a masculine power.



Vitis vinifera (grape) seed oil, Betula alba (birch) leaf extract, Urtica dioica (nettle) leaf extract, Citrus paradisi peel oil, Zingiber officinale (Ginger) Root Extract, Cymbopogon martini Oil, Linalool, Limonene, Geraniol, Citronellol , Citral, Farnesol, Neral.

Allergens in essential oils: Linalool, Limonene, Geraniol, Citronellol, Citral, Farnesol, Neral.