Anti-Age Miniset


These small 0.34 fl.oz. packages will also be convenient to carry when traveling.

The set contains:
INEX Micellar water, 0.34 fl.oz.
INEX Moisturize Elixir, 0.34 fl.oz.
INEX Anti Age Cream, 0.34 fl.oz.

No-rinse Micellar water – light and fresh micellar water that effectively removes makeup and cleans dirt accumulated on the skin without clogging pores. Enriched with betaine and Lactobacillus ferment complex for moisturization. Balances pH level of the skin.
All skin types

Moisturize Elixir – this lightweight elixir delivers a soothing, refreshing essence to your skin through its active cooling property. Enriched with moisturizing botanical ingredients supplemented with unique homeopathy formulas. Can be easily applied as a calming base to complement day or night creams.
All skin types

Anti Age Cream – this luxurious cream restores the natural, healthy radiance of your skin. Infused with a rich blend of anti-ageing botanical ingredients supplemented with unique homeopathy formulas. Hyaluronic acid helps to eliminate fine wrinkles and improve skin’s elasticity and tone.
Dry / normal / combination skin

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