Regene Supreme

Rejuvenating Skin Protection Set For Smoke-Affected Skin


Renewed and refreshed skin - a concentrated course. The three products will restore the structure of the skin cells affected by smoke and the environment and form a new protective layer for the skin, reducing the early manifestations of skin aging and various skin imperfections.


- Gently cleanses
- Lactic acid promotes collagen regeneration and gives the skin elasticity
- Moisturizes the skin
- Contains vitamins
- Strengthens blood vessel and capillary walls
- Skin well-being and healthy skin appearance
- Antibacterial and antimicrobial properties
- Deep cleansing

Visible results:
- Cells and skin are renewed, refreshed, protected
- The skin gains vitality
- Soft, silky skin texture
- Glowing complexion
- Even skin tone
- Reduced feeling of dryness
- Fresh appearance and improved blood circulation

Apply in the morning and evening, gently massaging into the skin. Rinse with warm water. Suitable for use around the eyes.


- Restores and protects the skin from the negative effects of smoke
- Blocks the effects of free radicals
- Effects of antioxidants
- Protects and stabilizes the cell membrane
- Improves the skin's protective barrier
- Promotes the skin's self-defense and regeneration mechanisms
- Restores and regulates moisture content
- Increases cell activity
- Protects the skin from most components of air pollution
- 100% protects epidermal immune cells
- Reduces skin pigmentation
- Excellent antiaging properties
- Prevents DNA damage
- Forms a protective, natural film on the skin to protect against the harmful effects of smoke

Visible results:
- The skin takes on a healthier appearance
- The skin gains firmness and elasticity
- The skin acquires an even, shiny and matte tone
- Uneven skin pigmentation is reduced
- Evens out the skin color
- The color of the facial skin improves, grayness / yellowness disappears
- The skin is renewed and moisturized
- Facial skin is radiant and fresh

Apply every morning on a clean face and neck with gentle movements. Suitable for use around the eyes.


- Prevents cell aging caused by the environment and cigarette smoke
- Detoxifies skin and cells
- Effects of antioxidants
- Restores cellular energy and improves metabolism
- Promotes key genes that play a role in skin barrier formation (hyaluronic acid synthesis)
- Contains low molecular weight hyaluronic acid
- Restores the moisture level in the skin
- Restores the face oval
- Makes the skin firmer
- Visible and long-lasting skin rejuvenating effect
- Enriches the skin with vitamins
- Improves biochemical processes in the skin

Visible results:
- Cells and skin are repaired, protected, purified
- The skin of the face and décolleté becomes firmer
- Fine lines are more even
- A more accurate face oval
- More elastic and firmer skin
- Nourishes and strengthens cells
- Long-lasting rejuvenating effect for face and décolleté skin

Apply every evening on a clean face and neck with gentle movements. Suitable for use around the eyes.

Use one set of Regene Supreme and then take a break of 3-4 months. Regene Supreme is not intended for long-term use as a replacement for daily skin care products.
It is recommended to use seasonally 4 times a year to ensure long-term deep, cellular regeneration, protection and purification of the face, skin and cells to prevent skin and cell damage, premature skin aging and facial skin imperfections caused by smoking.
Product expiration date 01.2024

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