RASA Botanicals

Set For Beautiful Hair


1. Red clover and nettle shampoo soap – for gentle cleansing of the scalp

2. Elixir for beautiful hair (3.38 fl.oz.) – to promote hair growth. Elixir for beautiful hair. Promotes hair growth! The nettle and birch extracts in the composition are an excellent source of vitamins and minerals that deeply nourish the hair roots and promote the growth of new hair.
How To Use:
Spray a couple of drops on the scalp in the morning and evening and massage into the scalp with light movements. Such a daily ritual for at least 4 weeks will contribute to the circulation of blood in the scalp and the growth of healthy hair. Also suitable for very thin and fine hair.

3. Solid shampoo with red clover and nettle for all hair types. Creating a rich, silky foam, this shampoo will gently cleanse the scalp. Nettle powder, extracts of red clover and nettle will strengthen the hair roots, promote hair growth and delay their loss. The omega-6 fatty acids contained in argan oil will take care of the scalp and protect against environmental influences, in addition to giving shine to the hair. Rice protein will moisturize the hair, making it smooth and shiny.
How To Use:
Moisten your hair, moisten a piece of shampoo, slide the shampoo through the hair in a circular motion, forming a rich foam, massage into the hair, rinse and use the conditioner as usual.

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