Water-Based Lubricant Feel 3 Pcs Travel Set


Size: 1.69 fl.oz. x 3 pcs

Lubricant for sensual moments with a specially developed long-lasting and natural composition will allow you to enjoy a dizzying adventure and a moment of complete pleasure.

Natural, water-based, unscented lubricant provides long-lasting lubricity, with a pleasant, thick but silky consistency that is non-sticky and non-greasy. Due to its thick consistency, the lubricant will flow, allowing you to fully enjoy the adventure and avoid getting on the bed or clothes.

- It has a balanced pH level that is especially suitable for a woman's microflora.
- Vegan lubricant without allergens;
- Dermatologically tested;
- Sustainably produced;
- Due to its consistency, it is suitable for vaginal and anal sex and is easily washed off with water;
- Used during sexual intercourse for additional hydration, as well as for all material sex toys;
- The product is packaged in an airless bottle with a dispenser, which will ensure long-term and safe storage of the product and maximum utilization of the product up to 97%;
- Marked with the EU CE mark, which confirms the compliance of lubricants with health, safety and environmental requirements;
- 99.5% natural ingredients.

Developed together with prominent cosmetics chemists from Latvia, EU.

Ingredients: water, glycerin*, xanthan gum*, lactic acid*, sodium benzoate, potassium sorbate.
*of plant origin.

100% money back guarantee (if the lubricant is not used more than 20% of its volume).

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